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[2012] Volume 29 Issue 1

Ahn, Hee-Don & Sungeun Cho. 2012. On the Zero Realization of Arguments: A Reply to Lee (2011). Linguistic Research 29(1), pp. 1-20.

Choi, Hye-Won. 2012. A Linear Regressional Analysis of With-PPs in English. Linguistic Research 29(1), pp. 21-44.

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Ko, Heejeong & Eunjeong Oh. 2012. A Hybrid Approach to Floating Quantifiers: Some Experimental Evidence. Linguistic Research 29(1), pp. 69-106.

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Kim, Sun-Woong. 2012. A Predicate Inversion Analysis of Kukes in Korean "Sluicing". Linguistic Research 29(1), pp. 217-233.

[2011] Volume 28 Issue 3

Park, Myung-Gwan. 2011. What Makes a Unification Possible in Right Node Raising Constructions of English? Linguistic Research 28(3), pp. 451-469.

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[2011] Volume 28 Issue 2

Kim, Sunwoong. 2011. A Note on NP/DP Parameter: Left Branch Extraction in Korean. Linguistic Research 28(2), pp. 257-269.

Kim, Yong-Ha. 2011. The Headness of Particles in Korean. Linguistic Research 28(2), 271-288.

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[2011] Volume 28 Issue 1

Park, Myung-Gwan. 2011. Case in ECM Resultatives. Linguistic Research 28(1), pp. 1-18.

Ahn, Hee-Don & Cho, Sungeun. 2011. Notes on Two Types of Fragments. Linguistic Research 28(1), pp. 19-35.

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Goh, Gwang-Yoon. 2011. Choosing a Reference Corpus for Keyword Calculation. Linguistic Research 28(1), pp. 239-256.


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